Saturday, April 18, 2009

I'm going to be ALONE!

I'm off to the International Quilt Festival in Chicago.

By Myself.

No kids!

No husband!

No girlfriends!

No one!

I can't wait! This is absolutely something I want to do alone. I'm so excited. I missed it last year because we were in Amsterdam. I'm leaving in an hour and I still haven't told Talia. I've found it's better to tell her right before a major insult, such as going to the dentist or having a babysitter. Otherwise she'll just freak out from the time I tell her until I'm gone. This way, I'll tell her, she'll freak out, I'll spend a few minutes with her and then I'll leave. Once I'm gone she's fine. So that's that. Catch you later SUCKERS!


Rosa said...

have a blast! let us know how it is. I hope you take pictures to share.

Holly said...

Sounds absolutely amazing...I hope you have/had a great time. Poor T:(