Saturday, March 14, 2009

Homemade Gnocchi

Recently I took a cookbook out of the library (Urban Italian). It was mostly filled with meat dishes and other things I won't cook (which is why it's good to take cookbooks out at the library!). I wanted to cook at least one recipe from it so I decided to try my hand at homemade gnocchi. The recipe in the book was simple but it was four pages long with step by step pictures. I bought a potato ricer and got to business. While the dish was quite good, I doubt I'll be making too much homemade gnocchi. It was messy and stressful. Time is really a factor-- you want everything done as calmly but quickly as possible and with my kids fighting over playmobils, well, I was pretty stressed out. It might not be that bad second time around. I know what to expect so perhaps I won't be as stressed. Ron said they tasted like "little pillows of pasta goodness." The tomato sauce was from the book also and was quite good although I think I would put in about half the oil next time...
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taylorsoutback said...

Good morning - just found your blog via QuiltBloggers. Have just started my own Journal page a few weeks back and everything is very new and overwhelming to me. Love your photos - especially the breads as that is close to my baking heart. But the picture of your floors really caught my eye. We also have hardwood flooring and the installer told us only BONA products to be used as the finish is not a traditional poly. It is waterbased. We have had the same issues that you mention and after 12 years, my floors have lost their luster in the high traffic areas. There is a BONA product for restoring the finish but I find it has limited success. Short of refinishing the entire flooring, there is no other solution that I know of personally. I do use the Hoover Floormate with an approved water base cleaner. At least that keeps the floor clean. Would love to hear back from you on possible ideas! In the meantime, your pasta dishes look so yummy and I plan on checking out your recommended bread books. When you have a moment drop by for a visit. My Journal page
Looks like we all made it through another Wisconsin winter!
Pat - up north