Sunday, March 22, 2009

Find a Comfy Spot and Read

If there was only one thing I could pass on to my children it would be a love of reading. Most reading in our house is done at night, before bed. I'm a big reader myself but my kids probably don't even really know it! We should spend more time reading during the day too. I put some bins of books in the fairy tent. So far Alex has enjoyed spending time in there. This year in school the kids in Talia's class spend a lot of time looking at books themselves. It is the skill she learned in school this year that I'm most happy with-- she will now sit and look through a book even if no one is reading it to her. She is definitely learning how to read but it seems to take a ton of energy. She is so exhausted after concentrating so hard for just a few minutes. This morning she actually read a book to Alex for the first time. It was very cute.
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Lizzie said...

what a magical reading spot! is that in your home?

Nikki said...

Yes, right in our living room!

Meg said...

I agree about wanting to pass the reading bug onto your kids.

Tonight I read a fairytale about talking animals to my stepson. Half way through he stopped me to ask if this happened in real life.

Stupidly, I said yes.