Saturday, July 12, 2008


Finished this baby quilt for Ron's friend. I actually added a patterned brown/green binding and ripped the whole thing off because I didn't like it. At every step of making a quilt and I have to remind myself that it's the little things-- like ironing EACH PIECE at several stages of the process and BASTING it with a thousand pins and GOING BACK and redoing a seam that isn't straight is what makes it a great quilt. I would have definitely kicked myself if I left that binding on. It just didn't look right. It's decently sized, maybe 4 by 5 feet? Now I just need to add a label and wrap it up.

I actually DREW the quilting pattern (a sort of zig zag) on the top with one of Talia's washable Crayolas. In orange. I knew it would wash out but I was still really nervous. This is the first time I washed a quilt before giving it away. I really like the crisp look of an unwashed quilt but, of course I had to wash the marker out.

This morning I drew out our family picnic quilt and tried to figure out the measurements. It's going to be big- 60 by 84. I even started cutting. Now I just wonder where I'm going to find about 20 (ok, 40) hours to make it.
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Laura Krasinski said...

Waving HI from Menomonee Falls.. Very nice quilt.. saw you on quilting blogger...