Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I made something!

I'm pretty sure this is the first thing I've really made since Alex was born. I pulled out an old fisher-price playhouse (vintage of course) for Talia to play with in the basement and put Alex on the playmat. My craft room is completely unorganized but I pulled out a bunch of fabric so I could make some onesie patches for a friend's new baby. I fused the patch lightly to the onesie and then zigzag stitched it on. It probably only took 15 minutes (and will only take 10 for the next ones) but it was really hard to fit it into our day-- especially when I'm nervous to iron around the kids. I used sharp sewing scissors with Alex in my lap-- is that wrong? I bought a set of 5 onesies and I hope to finish them for my friend tomorrow. I think I might embellish this one a little more. The onesies are so small there isn't a lot of room for the patch. This fabric has a lot of color but I had to choose only one small image for the patch. I got a strong sense of satisfaction from this little project though!

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