Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Team Umizoomi Toys

Alex really likes Team Umizoomi. There are no Umizoomi toys available to buy so I made him a little set out of peg dolls. Bot doesn't looks EXACTLY like he was supposed to but... what's a girl to do? Geo and Milly look... ok.

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Jessica in Montana said...

I found some official Team UmiZoomi dolls!!!! I am working on some dolls for my daughter inspired by the ones made by the "Confessions of a Sweciopath" blogger, but it's taking me FOREVER because I'm not that good! Anyway, my husband found & ordered a set of dolls (Milli, Geo & Bot, all licensed) on eBay from a runninny2az (we're careful buying on there, so they have 100% positive reports including on these dolls). They're really cute, but a little pricey & not nearly as great as the ones you can make, but they'll work for those who don't have the skill or time to get something done for their kids.