Wednesday, May 12, 2010

CSA Week 1: Spring Greens


radish salad with cucumbers and tofu

Sauteed bok choy, shiitakes, tofu and broccolini

Sauteed greens with pine nuts and balsamic

This is the third year in a row that we have joined a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture- a co-op where you but into a farm for the year and you receive a box of their produce each week during the growing season). I like the challenge of tackling the box each week, trying to use the produce up before the week is through and another box comes our way. I've discovered new vegetables and new recipes that have become family favorites. It changed what I look for in a cookbook-- now I prefer them to be organized by season and also preferably organized by vegetable too. Each year I've tried to document on this blog what I received in the box and how I used it. Each year I fell off the wagon pretty quickly. So, once again, I'm going to give it a try....

This year we switched from Vermont Valley Farm to Keewaydin Farms for three reasons-- most importantly, Keewaydin delivers on Wednesdays instead of Thursdays. That way I can "fill in" whatever vegetables I didn't get from the farmer's market in Middleton on Thursdays. There are no farmer's markets in Madison on Fridays and I would always have to go to the grocery store and buy conventional or mostly non-local produce for the weekend. Another reason is that Vermont Valley has too many potatoes. Everyone knows how I feel about potatoes. Lastly, Keewaydin has a drop off site at my friend Annemarie's Bloom Bakeshop in Middleton and I wanted to have a connection to the shop (see my birds hanging in a corner there!). We are also receiving fresh local eggs and goat cheese every other week.

So, what did we get this first week?

Scallions, Cilantro, Dill
French Breakfast Radishes
Clam Shell of Micro Greens Mix(Rainbow Beet, Tatsoi, Mustard Greens, Pea Shoots, Carrots)
Bag of Baby Romaine
Bag of Spring Salad Mix (variety of flavors)
Bundle of Braising Salad Greens Mix
Sml Bundle of Spinach, Chard, Kale Mix
Bundle of Broccoli Raab
2 Red Bok Choy

Nothing I made this week was particularly amazing...

- Radish salad with cucumbers and tofu
- Sauteed bok choy, shiitakes, tofu and broccolini with a soy-rice vinegar sauce served over pasta (Actually this was pretty good)
- Sauteed greens with pine nuts and balsamic
- Toasted baguette with fresh goat cheese, tomatoes and micro greens (This was delicious)
- Salads, of course

That leaves only some spring mix and the baby romaine, which we will have tonight. Just in time for this week's box although I fear it will be more of the same...
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Jennifer said...

you are amazing!!!

Jessica said...

Glad you're doing better. I lost my cell phone and therefore your phone #. Call me sometime. Love J