Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Family Photo Shoot

I'm just proud of myself for trying the family photo shoot at all. To my surprise, everyone cooperated- if only for a short time. And I got that one great shot of just Shayna (see previous post). The kids seems to go back and forth between wanting to hold the baby and wanting to watch tv. They definitely don't want to change diapers or be anywhere near her if she's crying. I thought it would be fun for the kids to help with her bath. The first time they were so freaked out by her belly button/ umbilical cord that they ran from the room screaming and talked about it for two days (Alex said, "because she has a yucky belly button"). For the second and third baths they wanted to help but ran from the room because she was crying. So much for my fantasies about family time.
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Holly said...

So happy for you all! I've never wanted
1) a third baby or
2) to learn how to quilt

more in my life:)

Keep the pictures coming! I'm very impressed, by the way, that you are finding the time to blog!

Nikki said...

Well Holly, I can't help you with the 3rd kid thing but I'd love to show you how to quilt anytime! Wait until you see the quilt I'm making for Shayna - it might be my best one ever! As for finding time to blog I attribute it to Ron still being home, my parents' and sister's pleas for photos, and a little device called the iTouch. Breastfeeding and Internet surfing go hand in hand! I'd be pretty bored without it...

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