Monday, August 18, 2008

Eggplants, Green Beans and Many Many Tomatoes

I can see that some of the garden is winding down now. The yellow squash keeps putting out new blossoms but they die on the vine. Those plants used to take up my whole garden but now I can see they need to be pulled out. I think they got a disease-- or maybe there wasn't enough room for them. I had no idea they would get so big. The eggplants are coming in and I have to hurry and cook them up tomorrow-- Eggplant and Goat Cheese Salad again and some fresh bread. The tomatoes are still coming in heavy. I've made lots of salads, tons of gazpacho and some salsa too. I'm also giving many tomatoes away. There are only a handful of green beans so I'm just eating them raw as I pick them. I think it's funny that I didn't even know the green beans were growing. I'm so clueless about gardening that I had no idea where on the vine I would find them. The japanese beetles have decimated the leaves despite putting out traps so I just figured I wouldn't get any beans. Suddenly I saw the first bean and realized that there were a bunch of them just hanging there! Then again, those beans like to hide, don't they? This garden has been fun, educational and tasty to say the least. I need to take some time and gather my thoughts so I'll know what I want to change for next year.
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joanna said...

HI Nikki! Fun to check in and see how your summer is going. A tomato note... go buy yourself a cheap food dehydrator (30$ perhaps?) and slice and dry all those babies! I have been doing it for a month now, and even buying pounds and pounds from the "scratch and dent" boxes at the farmers market. You will thank yourself over and over again this winter as you have tons of yummy sun dried tomatoes to throw in risottos, stews, chilis, even omlettes... but sun dried tomato pesto with garden fresh basil is the BEST.

:) Enjoy! joanna