Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Don't turn your back for a second

I skipped a day of harvesting tomatoes and ended up with about 8 biggies and almost two pints of cherry toms. Since then I'm getting about 5 biggies per day plus a pint of cherries. Now listen-- I love tomatoes. I planted the cherry tomatoes just to eat while I was outside gardening. I had NO IDEA, however, that I would reap this many. I had actually planted MORE tomato plants and the guy at the Bruce Company convinced me that two plants of each was more than enough (thank you, Bruce Company guy!). When I bought the tomato cages I never in a million years thought they would grow that big and now the plants are taller than me!

On a side note, some of my tomatoes have these scarred bottoms. They seem fine-- I mostly just cut that part off. Can anyone tell me if that's normal tomato stuff or if they have some disease?

I'm giving tomatoes away to friends (and yellow squash is coming your way too pretty soon) and I ordered a canning cookbook from the library so hopefully I'll be able to deal with some of this bounty. I'm eating a lot of tomatoes these days.

Also, will it be ok to plant the tomatoes in the same location next year or am I supposed to move them? They have to be where they are now or they'll shade everything else...
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denise said...

Wow - that is amazing! We don't have ANY red larger tomatoes yet, only the cherry. Our yard is so tiny and nowhere gets full sun, so it seems to always take an extra week or two (when comparing to everyone elses gardens) to get ripe ones.
Those look great!