Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Spring Fling Round Robin: Second Border

This is the progress of a Spring Fling Round Robin. The center square and first border were done by other quilters. I added the shiny red and gold border. This project stresses me out so much! This square in particular is perfectly pieced. Perfect angles and corners. It's foundation pieced and I barely even know what that means! I stress and stress about what to add because I don't want to ruin the original block. I had a number of ideas and settled on a metallic border with log cabins in the corners to echo the tulip theme. This was really a trial and error for me. I have no idea how to calculate for borders. Luckily I don't usually use a pattern in my own quilting so I kind of know what to do (but then again, I wouldn't call my quilts "precise"). I used some graph paper to try to figure out the log cabins. Problem is, I never made log cabins before. It has been a major goal of mine (another new quilting skill attempted!) so I've had the interest and not the time. That's another reason why I really like all these quilt swaps-- because you work on a small canvas you can try new things. Anyway, the log cabins came out great. I was going to have them facing out, similar to the tulips in the second border. When I was playing around with them I decided to turn them in and give the whole quilt a green border finish. Phew. There are so many things I'm nervous about. I know my sewing technique is lacking. Some people abhor metallics. Maybe I didn't do the log cabins correctly. I think, however, that I added to the quilt without detracting from the center border which is completely enhanced by the first border. I feel like I added frame for the original work with just a little extra. I am so relieved that I'm done with this border. I'm excited about the next phase. After my last few small projects I realize that I'm actually getting into the quilting part of quilting, as opposed to the piecing aspect. Especially with small projects you can really experiment and do something more intricate since you are not constrained by the large dimensions of a traditional quilt. I said I'm not joining any more swaps. I think I will take a break for the summer (but I'll sure be jealous!) and try to finish my OWN summer quilt (a picnic blanket for the family) and see what happens for fall. I'm beginning to feel like I know the women in this swap and I am really inspired by their work and am proud to work with them. I just don't have the time right now with two small kids.
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Supermom said...

don't stress over it...your block(s) look fantastic!