Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New Year's Resolution #1: Accomplished!

My number one New Year's Resolution was to switch my nursing license from Philadelphia to Wisconsin. Although I haven't worked as a nurse in almost a year and a half it's important to keep my license current. I do plan to work sometime... if I can find super part time work. I get excited when I can talk medical to someone who understands what I'm saying. I have a lot of knowledge and skill that isn't being put to use. Plus, everyone I know in Wisconsin is someone I have met because of the kids. It would be nice to have something in my life that isn't related to my children, and spending money is something everyone loves! It would also be good for Ron to get a taste of what it might be like to spend a whole day with the kids and I think it's good for the kids to spend some time without ME. Then again, I think working is more exciting in my mind than in reality. Nurses work hard and long hours and I certainly wouldn't want to give up any precious alone time to be working instead. Someday, (at least I keep telling myself) both my kids will be in school and I will like to return to some sort of professional life. So... my mission is accomplished. I sent in all the paperwork, money (I even had to go to a notary!) and in return... my license. Yay me!
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Holly said...

I know how you feel about wanting to return to work at some point. It's the holidays that get me-- if hubby is off and home with the kids I want to be too. Unfortunately it doesn't work that way, particularly with nursing. Congrats on the license and good luck with your future professional endeavors!