Monday, June 25, 2007

Bye Philadelphia

It's been nice knowing you.

T, Alex and I leave tomorrow morning. I'm nervous about a solo three and a half hour car trip. For Talia we have a DVD player and about $100 worth of new toys (for the 16 hour ride to Madison but also this ride too). I'm not too worried about dealing with her. On the other hand... Alex really hates the car. He's either going to SCREAM or SLEEP the entire way.

I'm trying to look forward to relaxing at my sister's. I'm stressed about taking care of both kids by myself- well, not so much caring for them but sharing a room (a bed) with both of them. Alex will wake up at night and Talia will be in the room too but I think that will be ok because he mostly just eats and sleeps at night. Usually when we sleep somewhere other than home Talia and I share a bed and I go to bed when she does-- but now I have to take care of Alex too and he doesn't go to sleep at the same time so she will have to sleep alone which may be a problem in a strange room. I have to just relax and let it go. It will be what it is and it's only for a few nights. On the other hand, I don't have anywhere else to be, packing will be done and I can't do anything about moving in until I get to Wisconsin so it could be great to be at Jo's.

We move in 7/2 so I might be radio silent for a while. I'll catch you on the flip side.

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