Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dane County Farmer's Market

This past weekend we took our first trip of the summer to the farmer's market. Madison has the best farmer's market in the world and I am willing to argue with anyone who claims otherwise. It is quite crowded by the time we get there (late!) and we kind of have to just find a spot to park ourselves near the capitol and then Ron and I take little 20 minutes trips to get what we want. We have the garden and CSA, of course, so we don't need to get too much. This weekend we got sugar snap peas (so yum) and strawberries. It was a perfect day for the farmer's market! I highly recommend Ingrid's Lunch Box for a meal-- get the farmer's crepe and you will NOT be disappointed!

We also went to the pool and had friends over for dinner. All in all a very nice weekend.

An update on Alex's experience at school. It's getting better. Today the kids were already on the playground by the time we got there so I got to drop him off (crying) on the playground, then drop Talia off and go back by the playground to see that Alex was fine and happy by the time I left.
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Linda Schiffer said...

I have extremely happy memories of the Farmer's Market around the Square in Madison every Saturday morning!! Thanks for that flash. :)


PS My daughter and her husband just bought a house on the near west side of town -- I'll have to remind her about Saturdays on the Square.

Anonymous said...

It IS the best Farmer's Market! I totally agree! It's just lovely.

Hey, I remember reading two things in blog posts from you a while ago...

One, you mentioned you had hired a house cleaner. I am wondering who and if you recommend them? I am looking for one in the Middleton area.

And I think you hired someone to help set up your raised beds. I'm looking to do something similar.

Love your blog...great ideas, great crafts! :)