Thursday, February 12, 2009

100 days of school

Of course, considering that Talia only goes to school 3 days a week it's really the 70th day of school, minus about 10 days of vacation and sickness so it's really the 60th day of school but... who's counting? And seriously, why do we need a "holiday" that falls *literally* the day before the Valentine's Day party? To celebrate this wonderful holiday the children are asked to bring in 100 of something. In order to represent who Talia is we thought maybe 100 crayons or markers or stickers. To make it a little more creative and waste more of my time we decided to make 100 heart crayons, reminiscent of our valentines from last year. Talia was able to help more this time around-- she was an expert at getting the papers off the crayons that had been soaked in water. This project took too much of my time, as usual, but the payoff is nice. I'm sure her class will enjoy using them for a long time. On a side note, I had to count them about 8 times to make sure I have exactly 100. I'm still not sure I have exactly 100. And if I couldn't count them, how are the kids going to count them?
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Varenia said...

100 heart crayons! That is a great idea! My son had his "100's day" at school yesterday, but they were only asked to bring 100 somethings that were very small, so we opted for 100 cheerios. Even though we counted them out a few times, I found myself thinking about them throughout the day, wondering if there were really exactly 100 in that bag, and what would my son do if one broke or someone {gasp!} ate one?! :)