Friday, April 18, 2008

Bluegrass for kids CD Review: Astrograss - Let Me Stay Up All Night

We're listening to a great CD these days: Let Me Stay Up All Night by Astrograss. The title track is clearly Talia's favorite while I like the first track, "There Their They're" and baby Alex prefers "Drunken Sailor." It is Talia's most requested CD at the moment. It's great to listen to something OTHER than princess songs and seriously, bluegrass for kids- what a great idea! We saw Astrograss perform in Philadelphia once and they are based in Brooklyn so there are lots of shows there. Their first album has lots of Shel Silverstein poems set to original bluegrass tunes. Fun for everyone. Check it out!

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Corey said...

Those are my 3 faves too! Glad to hear the kids like it. Thanks for the writeup. We're probably can't make it for Alex's b-day, but hopefully we'll see you all soon.