Sunday, November 11, 2007

Pinky Purple Paint

Painted T's room pinky purple. Almost a week later and it still stinks like fresh paint. The room looks totally different; better, I guess. I also made her some curtains. Heart fabric lined with a total blackout lining. It has a cute trim at the top that has hearts and beads, but that is obviously overwhelmed by the size of the curtains. I made felt hearts and stuffed them, leaving an opening on the side and put them on the end of the curtain rod. Don't know how I came up with the idea but it totally works. Not exactly sure why I insisted on making curtains though. They are not that cute and certainly didn't save me any money. My plan was to sew the curtain to the lining all the way around so I never cut of the selvedge. I ended up just sewing the top so I could pull back the blackout lining, leaving the heart fabric as shears to let the light through. But of course all I can see every time I look at them is the obvious selvedge with the words "Printed exclusively for Joann's Fabrics" staring at me.
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