Friday, November 17, 2006

halloween pictures

This was T's first REAL Halloween. I was a little bit ashamed that I bought this lame costume but I'm not going to make her a costume until she actually CARES about it. She hardly knew what Halloween was before we went out but she sure knows now! I was surprised when I asked her if she knew was "trick or treating" means. She said it means "candy" so I guess she knew some things!

We went out to a friend's house in the suburbs and the girls played together BEAUTIFULLY! Then we hit about 10 houses. Talia seemed to be all business. She generally went in, took one piece of candy and got out. I was a little disappointed at her candy choices. She always took a lollipop if it was offered. What a shame.

I was worried about how to deal with the candy afterwards. I took everything out except for about 6 pieces and let her choose about two a day for a few days. It actually wasn't that bad. After about one or two more days she stopped asking about it. Whew!

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